Day 2 - Show's open!

Doped to the eyeballs I braved the first day of the show. I felt fine so long as I didn't have to talk - oh dear! I spent most of my time demonstrating on the machines switching between freehand quilting on the Powerquilter and supervising the Diamond doing some digital embroidery onto a small quilted piece. Meanwhile Linda did the talking!

Next door to us is Bobby and Janet with the Barkcloth to Artcloth shoe exhibit. I love the display not only of the shoes which of course are lovely, but Bobby's work and the beautiful baskets too. I already have two of these and am struggling to resist more. Don't forget, you can still get involved with the project. Head over to their Facebook page to find out more.

Here's Bobby with one of her sketchbooks on the table. We've printed some of Bobby's artwork and photos from Uganda to fabric as a trial run and I'm delighted to say we'll be producing a range of fabrics which will be added to the site very soon.

Here are just some of the shoes.

 Meanwhile, back on our stand the demonstrations were becoming increasingly advanced…

…a masterclass of 101 things to make with a single tub of green play dough. Daddy's impressed at least.

Thank goodness for iPhones. At the end of the day only Postman Pat on the iPlayer will do.

All in all, a good first day. I've lost my voice tonight so the jury's out on whether I'll be there tomorrow, but Linda will be holding the fort so make sure to drop by the stand and say hi to her if you can.



  1. So sorry you are feeling rubbish when you need to be on top form.
    We take hot water, honey and lemon for the 'lost voice' problems. Hope you find something that helps.
    Thanks for all the updates on the show....much appreciated as I can't get there.
    All the best,


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