Day 5 - Sunday, Phew!

Amongst the exhibits on display were some of the costumes from the movie Les Miserables. Loved all the embroidered details on several of them, especially this one, which was worn by Helena Bonham Carter (I think!).

Knowing that Sundays are often the quietest show day I planned to crack on with the quilts I need to have ready to leave for Canada next month. Well that was the plan, ambitious as always I actually only managed to do one and even that isn't quite finished!

Working on the stand has been a great opportunity to road test the new Pfaff machine. I'll do a review blog about it later this week. 

It was lovely to be next door to our friends Bobby and Martin Britnell. If you follow our e-newsletter you might remember that recently we offered the last few stocks of the SiX catalogue with all the profits going to Martin and Bobby's charity Hands up for Uganda. It was with great pleasure that Edwina and I were able to present Bobby with the donation. It totalled well over £300 and she had no idea. Her face was a picture!

The funds will go to help the womens' projects in Kissaabwa which are reviving traditional crafts such as the beautiful basket making. 

So that's it, our first big event of the year done and dusted. We packed up in record time and celebrated a successful weekend with a curry feast for the whole gang, even Amelie stayed up for naan bread. Yum!

A big thank you to everyone who dropped by the stand and were so generous with kind compliments about the work. It's been great to catch up with you all.



  1. Thanks so much for showing glimpses of the show. One day I might get to fly across the pond, but until then I love your reporting. I love (and have adopted) the saying you are embroidering on the quilt. Going through 30 years of stuff since the last move, and two pack rats means a lot of sorting and purging. The abode feels freer and much more "us" now. Have a wonderful week and I hope you feel better.

  2. I loved the saying on your quilt. At the moment I am sorting thru my 96year old mum's sewing things,
    . She belonged to the waste not want not generation who lived through the great depression and wars and kept so much that could be useful. I hate disposing of all her treasures. Thank you for the glimpses of the stand. Amazing work. Shame England is so far away from Queensland (Aust).. I'd love to go there some day


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