First results

I'm afraid I only had time to rinse out a few threads and get them ready to show you - there'll be more tomorrow, and the fabrics of course!

I rinse the thread skeins and fabric in the washing machine on a cold rinse. It's vital to put the threads in a net bag, the sort for washing delicate garments. Make sure it's zipped up so none can escape or it could spell disaster for the washing machine. If in doubt you can hand rinse.

Once rinsed, I wash the threads, still in the bag, on a 40 degree wash with detergent and softener.

Today was the ideal weather for drying the skeins outside. At this point, they might have become untwisted. Don't worry, when they're dry just re-twist each skein and they'll be perfect again. 

I have fabric to iron! I'll be back tomorrow….


  1. It's interesting to read your process, Laura. I dye thread too so I enjoy seeing how you do it. You've got lovely results with your method. I do mine (admittedly on a smaller scale!) a bit more individually and working on more analogous colours per skein. So much fun!

  2. I last dyed threads after watching one of your videos and had a lovely day creating lots of lovely coloured threads, but have another dye day soon.

  3. Fabulous. I like the idea of the bag and using the washing machine to do the work!

  4. Hi everyone, thank you for all your lovely comments! xx


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