Do you mind me asking?

The most often asked, eye-rolling, sigh-inducing question...

"how long did it take you to make that?"

I guarantee that at every exhibition preview, show, talk or demo event I'll get asked that same question. The answer of course is that it's impossible to quantify. I never set a stopwatch or timer. For heaven's sake, you're talking to a person who doesn't wear a watch! I can make a quilt in under two weeks, easily, even only working the night shift. Others are made over months. I always wonder why the person asks; why it matters. Does the work have more value if it takes longer? So invariably I'll make up a random answer. I wonder whether they are more impressed if I say it's a week or six months.

Anyway, this preamble is just to lead me to telling you that while this one's been in the works for far too long, it's finally done.

'Checkerboard Vase Blue', Laura Kemshall
Digital print wholecloth quilt, hand and machine stitch
£495 (Email me)


  1. Gorgeous!!! I really love the statement you printed on it, too. I need to have that tattooed on my hand so when I reach for something at the tag sale, I'll think twice. I never know what to say when people ask, either. I am tempted to say, the whole season of Sherlock or in two days, just to see if they are shocked. When they ask how long, do they mean from the time I had insomnia and the idea popped up? Or, when I cut the first fabric? Yes, I can get snarky. LOL! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Wonderful work! I like everything, but in particular the hand embroidery on the vase, which so beautifully captures the impression of crackled glaze. I share your feelings about the Question, and Jeannie has a good point: when did the work start? I mulled over my latest quilt for two months before I got started. Does that count? I also have a pet hate for the question: "Was it difficult?" How does one define difficult? I usually answer, no, but it takes patience, time and passion. Have a great week, and thanks to both you and Linda for all your inspiring work!

  3. This is beautiful and full if texture and meaning, linda. It is a silly question, isn't it? I have a pet hate of.. 'You must have so much patience. I could never do that'... because the person saying it is using my work as an excuse to not have a go. but about the time question, just tell them 'oh fifty (or so) years' because you would never have come to the point of making it if you had not lived your life the way you did.

  4. It took lifetimes to make. It is a tiny speck of who you are and how you see the world. This is based on all you have lived, everyone you have met (or not), your dreams, values, what you have learned and your dreams aspirations yet to be born.
    The art is $12,000. The background is priceless. Neither can be duplicated.
    ~ Christina in Cleveland (price is arbitrarily low)

  5. this looks lovely. I heard an embroidery 'name' answer the question with: "about 30 hours..... plus 25 years"
    its all the practise, learning and input which allows some techniques to be done 'quickly' cough!


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