Day 4 - Saturday!

OK, You'll have noticed, no Day 3 report. Well because I was still feeling under the weather I was banned from the stand and under orders to stay home and rest. I hated missing a day, but I did feel much better for it. The added benefit was that I was around to supervise some tree surgeons that the electricity board had sent to trim the trees around overhead power lines. One tree had to come down completely so we have another nice pile of logs for next winter.

I'm always amazed at how quick and agile they are climbing the trees, especially considering they have a chainsaw swinging from their belts!

Today I was back on duty on the stand and making sure the sewing machines were both working flat out. On the Husqvarna Diamond I am part way through some digital quilting/embroidery on the gilded orchid quilt that you might have seen here on the blog ages ago.

I've created a text based design using TruE embroidery software (for Mac) and I'm now stitching it out keeping the colour simple so that it's all about the contrast in surface.

I have to say, I'm loving how it's looking so far. I'm using rayon thread in a slimy green gold colour that's working really nicely with the metal leaf. It's balancing the amount of sheen from the gilding but keeping the richness. I'll do better photos to show you when I've got it back in the studio.

Meanwhile we've had Linda in stereo - on the video player on the wall and live in action!

There's still one day left to visit. Show's open tomorrow (Sunday) 9.30am - 5pm, NEC, Birmingham. 



  1. So sorry you were sick!!! You probably were just run down! Need to take care of yourself too young lady!!!

  2. I'm relieved you are feeling better. All that anticipation and work took it's toll! Best of success at the show.


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