Expecting Brilliance

In previous years I've been blown away by the paintings in the BP Portrait Award. I suppose because I fully expected brilliance that when we visited today there wasn't quite the same awe inspiring, hairs on the back of the neck, goosebump moment. Just goes to show how us humans get harder and harder to please! Seriously though, we are so lucky that this world class collection of work comes to our local art gallery. 

I love painting.

As last year's winner of the Travel Award it was the turn of Carl Randall to showcase a number of pieces made since. I think of all the works on display, this one might have been my favourite.

'Shinjuku, Tokyo', Carl Randall


  1. You are right...we do come to expect more brilliance in art work the more we become entwined in our own work!! interesting pieces! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can see that last picture inspiring a quilt! It's fabulous.

  3. Is this at Wolverhampton Laura? I'd be able to get there and would love to see it.

    1. Hi Sue, Yes, I should have linked to the details. Here's the info: http://www.wolverhamptonart.org.uk/events/bp-portrait-award-2013/
      Well worth a trip.

    2. Thanks Laura. I'll certainly have a day out!

  4. amazing - definitely looks worth a visit.


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