Planning a group quilt? Try digital print!

We've just printed fabric for a new group project and I thought it was such a lovely idea that I wanted to share it with you. Frances and the rest of the Flying Colours textile group have kindly allowed me to show what they're doing.

Each member of the group made a small collage. I think they were 8" x 8" which is ideal as they fit so neatly on the scanner. Instead of scanning the artwork themselves the group asked me to do that, something which I'm always happy to do, (there's just a small extra charge).

Once scanned we printed the collage images to cotton fabric and popped them in the post to the group. I'm so looking forward to seeing how they look once some stitch is added - get stitching girls!

Using digital print for a group quilt is a wonderful solution. Everyone can draw, paint, make collages, or take photographs then combine them together in one exciting collaborative project. If it's something that your group like the sound of, just drop me a line and we can chat about the possibilities.


  1. Such a clever idea for a group project. Can't wait to see what they share with you and us!

  2. Great idea! Whenever my group talk about group projects, some people get so critical about how different people's blocks are under or over size. This would certainly be a great way to avoid such problems. Another idea I thought of that might use this would be if my painting class or the kid's group make pictures that can then be easily made into a quilt for the quilting group to collaborate on. This could be a great way for schools to make a quilt for fundraising.

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