Daily Drawing Day 2

Here's my drawing for day 2 of the Daily Drawing project. I'm sticking with the keys and my tip is, whatever you drew today, draw the same thing again tomorrow but alter the scale. Draw it as big as you can on the page and discover all of the details in your subject.

Couldn't resist adding the date in a fun way...

The Daily Drawing Pool over on Flickr is filling up fast. I've been checking in all day and every time I visit there's been a new drawing to look at. So inspiring to see what you're all working on. If you've just caught up with the blog and would like to join in then please do!

I'll be back here tomorrow with more.
See you then,


  1. Love the idea of sticking with one subject and just altering it each day! Your inspiring me to pull out the art pad and draw again! Thanks


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