OK, it's Friday night and I'm sure everyone's got something better to do than drawing so my tip for today is super quick and easy, but still very effective…

Frottage. Or rubbings as the technique's more often called. Here's mine:

I've used yesterday's trick of scanning a previous drawing, enlarging it and printing it onto a sketchbook page. I've been working with keys so I found out a flattish one, popped it beneath the page and made a rubbing using the side of a solid graphite stick. Simply reposition and repeat to create a pattern.

This method works brilliantly with any flat object. If the results are a bit fuzzy then your sketchbook page might be a bit too thick, just try a thinner paper and attach it to the book later.

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you're enjoying the Daily Drawing Project. Don't forget, you'll find all of my drawings, plus lots of others on the Flickr pool. Here's a link: 



  1. Inspired!! I can do that!

    Actually I did take my sketchbook on holiday and do a few little watercolours. Nothing special, and while I haven't managed a drawing a day at least I have achieved something. And now it's the weekend. No excuses!!!


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