Daily Drawing Day 4

Here we go with day 4 of the drawing challenge.

I decided today to take a slightly different approach. Lots of people tell me they're nervous of the blank white page of the sketchbook. My solution for the day - enlist the help of a collaborator and get a toddler to scribble on the page first! That certainly takes the pressure off ruining the perfect page.

So I gave Amelie the book and pencil and she did her bit. Fortunately, I thought her scribble could be converted into a lace-like pattern that follows on quite neatly from yesterday's drawing. So I drew into one area blocking out shapes to create the feel of a lacey pattern. 

Elsewhere on the page I still wanted to use the keys. This time I didn't work from life, I drew them from my memory. I think after 3 days of studying them it was a good test to see if I'd learnt the shapes properly!!

So two tips for the day - scribble on the page to break the spell of the white empty space and test yourself by drawing something you'd studied before, but this time work from memory.

Happy drawing!


  1. Thanks, Laura. This is exactly what I need to get me moving


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