So I'm two weeks into this whole idea of trying to draw every day and so far, so good. Unlike trying to get into other good habits like doing more exercise, vacuuming and eating less junk, drawing is easy to build into my daily routine because I love doing it so much. If you've been trying to draw every day, but just can't get into the swing, why not try changing things around a bit? Perhaps working with a pencil won't suit you, try working with a pen and wash, or with collage, or perhaps take a daily photo. After all, it's the process of finding time to be creative that's most important.

Anyway, enough pep talk, here's my drawing:

I'm starting to think a little about pattern and composition ideas. I've re-used the wire key shape I made yesterday and made repeated rubbings to fill the page. I left a space and drew a more realistic key into that spot. I think it's interesting to play with the subject like this, to show it in an obvious way and then in a more simplified characterful style.

Thanks for visiting today. I'll be back with more tomorrow.


  1. Lovely. I really like this idea. Did you shield the rubbings while you worked the cross hatched key? I cannot work out how you avoided smudging the rubbings otherwise.


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