Daily Drawing Day 9

Here's my drawing for today…

Unfortunately I had to cut a couple of sunflowers from the garden today, they're now brightening up the kitchen and I've photographed them from every angle for future reference. I just added my drawing to the Flickr Pool and saw there were over 160 drawings on there now, isn't that amazing! Here's a link for you to take a look at what's been added over the last 9 days: 

More important than any drawing, our beautiful Amelie is two today. And yes, how the time flies. We feel as though these two years have just whizzed by and yet at the same time, can't remember what life was like without her.

Happy Birthday Amelie.



  1. It has been a joy to follow Amelie's progress on your blog. Time certainly flies! Happy 2nd Birthday Amelie!

  2. She is such a lucky little girl. To be at home everyday with her mam is for a little child something that is not usual these days. Happy birthday little princess.


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