DD22 - keeping it simple

OK, you caught me out, I didn't draw yesterday. I've decided the best way to stick to the challenge is just to keep it simple and quick. I didn't set a time limit with this one, but I did work quickly, maybe about 15 minutes max.

I had bought this perfect little blue and white jug on the market in Bridgnorth last Saturday for £2. Our kitchen needs total renovation, but this might be the starting point for a colour scheme. Now I'm on the hunt for more!

Bye for now,


  1. Looks like Cornish ware to me, but Cynthia Macnair in Canada would know as ceramics used to be her thing.

    If it is I think it's got all trendy and collectible in which case you nabbed a bargain.

    Btw decided to not even try your DD challenge for September but to clear the decks and see if I can manage my own for October.

    I see the cricket pavilion is taking shape and you've published the dates for your next classes. Just sorting out my diary.


  2. Hi Hilary, Yes, we thought it was Cornish too, but it's more navy and cream so I'm not so sure now I've Googled it! Either way, it's a nice little piece. I hope you will try a little drawing, my tip is just to keep it simple and work fast so it doesn't eat up much time.


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