I always hear the phrase 'I can't draw!', but honestly you can and I'm hoping that with the Daily Drawings I'll be able to show you some tactics for drawing that'll help increase confidence and also achieve results fast. Oh, by the way, when I use the word drawing, I don't just mean observational drawing with a pencil on white paper. There are lots of other approaches we can cover as we go

Yesterday I did a rubbing and today I'm taking that one step further.

I'm sticking with the key motif, but this is a great method for all sorts of shapes. If you couldn't try yesterday's idea right away because your subject matter wasn't flat enough to make a direct rubbing from, then this one is for you:

Using some fine gauge wire (cake decorator's wire, florist's wire), bend your desired motif into shape keeping it flat in 2 dimensions, (i.e. not a 3D model). The wire will be fine and soft enough to bend with your fingers, but you can use pliers for tricky, intricate shapes and of course, to cut.

I made a very simple, stylised key. The beauty of this method is that it requires you to simplify, to eliminate the detail and focus on what's essential about your subject. I guess it's about conveying the subject matter with the most economical use of line.

When the shape is ready, slide it under the page of your sketchbook and use the side of a pencil or better still a solid graphite stick and make the rubbing. 

Hope you've been having fun with the ideas. If you've just discovered the Daily Drawing Project then a big welcome to you, it's never too late to start and we'd love you to add your drawings to the Flickr Pool. Here's a link to check it out:

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