DD24 - Wet Drawing

Here's my drawing for today, it's the one on the right hand side of this spread:

I feel as though I need to qualify it! It's a bit wonky and rather rough, but I only allowed myself 5 minutes which isn't long, well not for me, I like to labour over my drawings much more slowly and carefully. I've worked these little studies over three days allowing myself less and less time. It's an interesting challenge!

The technique I've used today is one that I thought you might like to try. I'm calling it Wet Drawing but I'm going to have to come up with a more glamorous name don't you think! Here's what to do:

Wet the area of paper you're going to draw onto. You can use a large watercolour brush or a spraymisting bottle. You don't need to soak the page. Next sharpen your pencils! They need to be watersoluble and you can use either soluble graphite or soluble coloured pencils. I used Derwent Graphitint and Inktense.

The damp page will be highly receptive to the colour and you'll get a very instant, strong mark that's much bolder than pencil usually allows. Because the wet page eats the pencil so readily, you do need to keep sharpening to avoid a dull line.

I hope you enjoy giving that a try. If you're a DMTV viewer then you'll be able to see me demonstrating this very method with lots of other examples in a new video workshop coming soon. If you're not already a DMTV member then we'd love to have you. Here's a link to all the info:

I think it was Susan who asked about the sketchbook. This landscape format is really lovely to work in. I can't remember where I got it, but inside the front cover it says it's a Hand.Book manufactured by Global Art Materials Inc. I just Googled them and came up with this:


I reckon mine is the 'large landscape'. Having looked at the site it says they're sold in the US and Canada so I guess I must have got mine when I was over in Vancouver. I just looked on the Great Art website and they stock some landscape format books. But enough of this talk, we're supposed to be using up sketchbooks not buying more!!

See you again tomorrow,


  1. In the US you can get the Travelogue book at Hobby Lobby, and also maybe Michaels craft shops.

    Janet in Tennessee

  2. Maybe Damp Drawing would be a better name for the technique? It looks fantastic and inspires me to give it a go when I get back from our extended tour across the USA. I love drawing using the cross hatching technique, but usually use black fine line marker, so this is a lovely variation on it. What a great idea of yours!

  3. Yes - damp drawing. That sums it up nicely, though still not a very glamorous word!

  4. I envy your self discipline with daily drawing! I failed after 3 days! Thank you for changing to black on white for your newsletter and blog......I can read it much better now :)

  5. Hi Laura, thanks for the info I have purchased one from ebay (A5 Landscape Seawhite Black Cloth Hardback Sketchbook) it was good value for money with lovely paper. I just wanted to have something different than the regular A5/A4 Sketchbooks I usually work in. However, I will have to check out the website for the sketch book you are currently working in. You can never have tooooooooo many X:)


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