Tiger Tiger

I did do my daily drawing last night, I promise! I was just too tired to take photos and post it. Here it is:

It's a quick study in pencil of the eye of one of the amazing tigers we saw yesterday. I love cats big and small, but have never used them in my work, maybe I will, I was lucky to get some incredible photos.

I was a few inches from this tiger, he looked me straight in the eye with those beautiful pale green eyes and I felt ashamed to be a human.

He is a Sumatran tiger, some reports say there are as few as 140 left in the wild. In my lifetime two subspecies of tigers have already become extinct. I have just made a donation to 21st Century Tiger. They work with the Zoological Society of London to fund conservation projects to help secure the safety of tigers living in the wild. 100% of the donation is used for the conservation projects, none goes to administration. 

If you'd like to read more about the tigers, the conservation projects and perhaps make a simple one-off donation too, then the website is:

Sometimes it seems like an impossible task to try to do anything against the tide of devastation that humanity chooses to flood over nature, but you know, if we all do a little bit, just something, it adds up.