Daily Drawing day 1

It was great to hear after yesterday's post that so many of you would like to work along with the Daily Drawing project. I've started a Flickr group where we can all post our drawings, sketches and doodles. Here's a link to bookmark:


It's so exciting to see the first images being added to the page. I'm new to Flickr and if you are too, you need to set up a Yahoo username and password, then you can add photos to your own photo stream and the group page.

Here's my first drawing…

I'm already glad I started this project, if I hadn't, there's no way I'd have spent time this afternoon drawing! My sketch isn't finished and if I can, I'll sneak a few more minutes tonight to add some more detail.

If you'd like to join in and aren't sure where to start, here are some tips:

  • Don't be nervous of your sketchbook. It's just a pile of paper after all. Maybe the first drawing won't be amazing, but without those first few pages you won't have the satisfaction of seeing progress as your confidence and ability grows.
  • Draw something that's close to hand and that you're familiar with.
  • If the whole subject is a bit daunting, why not try focussing in on just a detail?

See you back here tomorrow for Day 2!


  1. You've set the bar high - it's a lovely little drawing!

  2. Beautiful drawing, and what a huge bunch of keys - do you work part time as a prison officer? x

  3. I want to join in too but am just about to start module 1 creative quilting course so am concerned about taking on too much...... maybe it will fit in though and support the design process? I have some lovely sketch books that need filling.

  4. Have been very inspired by your daily drawings. I started reading them on holiday and so wished I had taken my sketchbook (we flew and was worried about the baggage allowance) I have now joined the flickr group and will be uploading asap. Did my first sketch last night catching up with the Archers omnibus and a large mug of tea. Was intrigued by the pencil you are using here. What make is it?


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