DD25 - Mixed media approaches

Today I've gone for a layered, mixed media approach that makes use of what I've learned from previous work. The starting point for this page was one of the digital tracings that I'd done on the iPad. I printed it to the sketchbook page and the added a layer of watercolour wash.

The watercolour wash wash fairly light and I just used it to block in some tone to the background.

I'd really enjoyed using the water-soluble pencils yesterday so next I added some detail and extra colour and tone with that same method. Thinking it was all done I took some photos, but then I decided to add more...

I thought it might be interesting to give the sunflower head and stem more tonal weight so I've used a simple black biro to add some cross hatching.

I hope you're enjoying your drawing as much as me. I'll be back again tomorrow with more tips and ideas.
See you then,


  1. How do you print from an ipad, please?

  2. I am just catching up on your drawings after a busy week and love this idea


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