Drawing and highogs

When we had to cut these sunflowers I photographed them from every angle so I might be able to draw or paint them over the coming weeks. They were in a vase that was way too small propped up against the kitchen window sill. When I looked back over the photos I thought the composition of this one (which was completely arbitrary) was quite interesting and I liked the combination of the flower with the glass chemistry bottles.

So I drew it. I've left out all of the distracting view through the window, Amelie's toy pushchair, the gazebo, the washing, etc. etc. That's the beauty of a drawing over a photo don't you think? You can edit the truth!

Had to share Amelie's art work for the day too. A 'highog' made from the leaves that are already falling.

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  1. I too have been gathering photos of sunflowers. I am not able to participate in the sketching group right now, but this winter I'll have time on my hands and a perfect time to remember the flowers of summer in sketch. Amelie's highog is wonderful. (I am coveting those chemist jars!)


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